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AFSA Wraps the 2021 Vehicle Finance Conference
Feb 26, 2021

AFSA wrapped up the 2021 Vehicle Finance Conference this afternoon. Day One began with world-renowned futurist, Peter Diamandis. Diamandis’ presentation, “The Future is Faster than You Think,” focused on exponential technological growth, the 6D’s (Digitize, Deceptive, Disruptive, Dematerialized, Demonetize, Democratize), and artificial intelligence. This presentation was sponsored by FIS. Attendees then had four Roundtable Discussions […]

All you need to know for the 2021 Vehicle Finance Conference!
Feb 22, 2021

Get everything you need to know about the 2021 Vehicle Finance Conference in one place! The 2021 Vehicle Finance Conference digital program contains a wealth of information on business partners, conference sponsors, sessions and speakers, and more! Click to open and download.

Check Your Vehicle Finance Conference Credentials!
Feb 22, 2021

If you are attending the 2021 Vehicle Finance Conference beginning at 11:00 a.m. ET, be sure to test your credentials. Testing your access to the conference site prior to the start of the conference will ensure you have a successful experience. CONFERENCE SITE LOGIN Click this link to visit the Vehicle Finance Conference streaming page, part of AFSA’s website. […]

Work from Home with LexisNexis
Feb 21, 2021

Over the last year, working from home has become second nature. You likely have your routine down pat by now. However, it can still be stressful and challenging. That’s why LexisNexis is pleased to provide Work from Home Kits to Vehicle Finance Conference attendees. Combining cutting-edge technology, unique data and advanced analytics, LexisNexis Risk Solutions […]

Calif. DFPI Invites Comments on Implementing CCFPL
Feb 19, 2021

The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) last week announced its first  invitation for comments on the rulemaking to implement the California Consumer Financial Protection Law (CCFPL). The CCFPL became law last year and reorganized the California Department of Business Oversight into the DFPI. The bill gave the newly reorganized department broad authority to establish rules regarding, among other provisions: unlawful, unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices; reporting and disclosure […]

LISTEN | Previewing the 2021 Vehicle Finance Conference w/ Charlie Vogelheim
Feb 17, 2021

In this episode of the AFSA Extra Credit Podcast we talk with Vehicle Finance Conference MC and host, Charlie Vogelheim about next week’s conference and what he’s looking forward to. If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time! Visit today!   LISTEN

AFSA Provides Testimony on NM All-In Rate Cap
Feb 17, 2021

On February 9, AFSA Senior Vice President Danielle Fagre Arlowe provided oral testimony opposing New Mexico SB 66 in a Senate Tax, Business and Transportation Committee hearing. The bill would institute an 36% all-in rate cap, which would include other charges for fees and ancillary products, on loans under $5,000. In the hearing, Arlowe pointed out that the proposed rate caps would cut off large numbers of New […]

Pivot to Digital with Ryan Deiss
Feb 16, 2021

As all businesses are forced into digital transformation by pandemics, technology, and consumer demand, what specific steps can you take to ensure your company is ready? That’s the question Ryan Deiss, Co-Founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer and author of “Digital Marketing for Dummies” will be answering. There’s still time to register for the 2021 Vehicle Finance Conference! Visit now! […]

Five Questions with February Featured Business Partner ACI
Feb 15, 2021

The featured Business Partner for February is ACI. We asked them a few questions about their business and what they’re seeing in the economy. Learn more at What is the most important issue facing your company right now? Meeting consumer expectations and needs changes in notifications, billing and payment experience while ensuring security and […]

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