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Industry Expertise | Strategic Video Engagement: The Game-Changer in Future-Ready Auto Finance
Mar 07, 2024

AFSA’s Industry Expertise allows Business Partners to provide thought leadership and best practices information directly with AFSA member companies. For more information about taking part, contact Grace McGurn. Behind the Wheel: Allied Solutions Reflects on Used Car Week By: Suzi Straffon, Director, Finance Company Markets | Allied Solutions Considering the alarming surge in auto loan […]

A Case for Rules of the Road
Mar 06, 2024

Across our country, American households have faced several years of challenging economic times. Inflation, while the rate is decreasing, has taken a serious bite out of everyone’s monthly budgets for such basic goods as gas and groceries. Savings, which grew during the pandemic, are again dwindling. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s recent Survey of Consumer […]

AFSA on Colorado’s HB 1148
Feb 29, 2024

This week, AFSA’s State Government Affairs team sent a comment letter to the Colorado General Assembly regarding its HB 1148 on consumer lending laws. In the letter AFSA raises concerns that if passed as drafted the bill will worsen access to affordable credit in Colorado and result in extensive adverse socio-economic outcomes. More than a […]

This Week in Washington
Feb 29, 2024

It has been a busy week as legislators make the most of this year’s extra day. Surprise announcements, important roundtable discussions, funding deals, and legislative markups have ensured that Leap Week 2024 has not been boring. The End of an Era: Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the longest-serving Senate leader in history, announced yesterday that he would be […]

Who Will Supervise the Supervisor?
Feb 27, 2024

Recently, the CFPB ordered federal supervision for an installment lender and another installment lender agreed to supervision. Federal supervision is unnecessary as traditional installment lenders are supervised in each state in which they do business. It also highlights the random and unclear regulatory environment our members find themselves in at the federal level. As background, […]

Road to 2024: The Election Outlook | 2024 Independents Conference & Expo
Feb 27, 2024

Join the bipartisan polling team for NBC News’ national political survey for a fast-paced, engaging, and entertaining session on the latest insights and trends leading into this fall’s national and state elections. Sponsored by Register today for Special Early Bird rates!

AFSA Education Foundation in Action
Feb 23, 2024

Last Thursday, the AFSA Education Foundation (AFSAEF) collaborated with the National Math Foundation (NMF) to host a webinar, Math Matters in Life: Personal Finance and Future Success. Nearly 200 math and personal finance educators and others registered to learn practical insights for K-12 instructors and to strengthen the connection between math and personal finance in […]

AFSA Promotes Financial Inclusion
Feb 23, 2024

This week, AFSA provided information to the Department of the Treasury on how our members are promoting financial inclusion for the American consumer. The Presidential Commission for Financial Inclusion at U.S. Treasury Department is developing a national strategy for financial inclusion, and AFSA endorsed its formation and has been engaged with this project since its inception. […]

Champions Club Speaker Announced!
Feb 21, 2024

AFSA is pleased to confirm that two-time NBA champion, college All-American, and award-winning broadcaster Kenny Smith will serve as the 2024 Champions Club keynote speaker at the 2024 Independents Conference and Expo. Known throughout his basketball career by the nickname “The Jet,” Kenny Smith today co-hosts the top-rated “Inside The NBA,” alongside Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson […]

February White Paper: Vehicle Data Privacy
Feb 15, 2024

AFSA’s February State Government Affairs white paper is now available. This month’s white paper delves into vehicle data privacy. As the prevalence of vehicle automation and data processing rises in the automotive industry, the use of this data will increasingly attract attention from regulators, consumers, and industry stakeholders. While only a few states have developed comprehensive privacy guidelines specifically addressing vehicle data, privacy concerns […]

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