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Women’s History Month | Valerie Tolhurst

Women’s History Month | Valerie Tolhurst

AFSA is celebrating Women’s History Month by featuring outstanding female leaders in the consumer credit industry.

What has been the most important lesson?
As a Human Resources professional, the biggest lesson I learned was to learn all I can about the business and how it runs operationally and financially. Being financially literate, being able to read the reports, and understanding the basics of what we do all affect my ability to be a strategic partner for my company. We want to be collaborators and not paper-pushers. We can’t collaborate if we don’t speak the same language.

Was there a mentor who provided great insight in your early career?
I connected with a former boss early on and he inspired me to do more. He also gave me a chance and had a way of working with me so I could see my mistakes instead of him pointing them out. That goes a long way to growing in my career. After we lost touch, my next mentor has been my best friend and husband. He has helped me see different perspectives as a strategic leader and has helped me grow professionally as well as personally.

What do you wish the you of today could have told the younger you about building a career?
Save yourself some time and focus on building your HR career. Don’t waste the first 15 years of your career feeling unfulfilled. A great match for your skills is in that field and it will keep you engaged, growing, and happy.

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