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Court Rules in Milgram v. Chase
Jun 15, 2023

Last week the 11th Circuit Court released its decision in Milgram v. Chase, for which AFSA submitted an amicus brief. The court ruled in in Chase’s favor. The plaintiff, as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), argued that credit reporting agencies are required to investigate legal disputes in addition to verifying factual accuracy […]

Fair Lending Center Stage Part Two
Jun 14, 2023

This episode of the Extra Credit Podcast is Part Two of our conversation with, Philip Bohi, VP of Compliance Education and Dr. Adam Gailey, Principal in the Financial Economics Practice at Charles Rivers Associates, on getting your Fair Lending house in order. In the last episode, Dr. Gailey and Philip discussed the things that you can […]

Elevate in Salt Lake | Federal & State Update
Jun 13, 2023

Last week, AFSA held its annual Washington Fly-In, an opportunity for many AFSA members to meet directly with a bipartisan group of legislators and policymakers to stress the importance of access to credit. Members of Congress made it clear that they understand the crucial role that our industry plays in the lives of consumers and our economy, and reinforced their commitment […]

The Secrets To Streamlining Your Originations Processes And Fund Loans Faster
Jun 13, 2023

Join Yotam Haroosh, Director of Consumer Lending, Lightico, to gain insights into how to effectively streamline your originations processes to boost efficiency and accelerate time to funding. In this webinar, we’ll cover the latest technology solutions, best practices, and expert insights into optimizing your workflow. With real-life examples and interactive demonstrations, Lightico will provide you with all […]

Beehive State or Beer State?
Jun 09, 2023

Beehive State or Beer State? If you’re joining us in the Beehive State for the 2023 AFSA Annual Meeting and you have a thirst for some hoppy goodness, you’re in luck. Salt Lake City may surprise you with its vibrant craft beer scene. Check out a few of the breweries you’ve got to look forward […]

News From Our Members | PayNearMe Celebrates Processing $1B in Disbursements For Nonprofit Grameen America
Jun 09, 2023

PayNearMe Celebrates Processing $1B in Digital Loan Disbursements to Fund Low-Income, Entrepreneurial Women For Nonprofit Grameen America PayNearMe makes disbursing loans as easy, fast and convenient as receiving electronic payments; allows clients to offer customers more options for how to receive funds. “During the last two years, we have utilized PayNearMe digital Disbursements to send […]

AFSA Hits the Hill
Jun 08, 2023

AFSA members stressed the importance of access to credit directly with legislators and policymakers this week during AFSA’s annual fly-in. Consumer credit is crucial to Americans from coast to coast. Engaging with policymakers is one of the best ways to ensure they understand the importance of access to credit, and the importance of policies that […]

Fair Lending Takes Center Stage
Jun 07, 2023

In this episode of the podcast, Philip Bohi, VP of Compliance Education talks with Dr. Adam Gailey, Principal in the Financial Economics Practice at Charles Rivers Associates, on getting your Fair Lending house in order and looking carefully at questions surrounding things you can control like underwriting, buy rate setting and servicing. State and federal […]

Featured Business Partner | ACI Worldwide
Jun 05, 2023

The Featured Business Partner for June is ACI Worldwide. As an unrivaled leader in billing and payments, ACI Worldwide offers ACI Speedpay, proven to drive efficiency and increase collections. Through our comprehensive suite of software solutions, we provide real-time payment and disbursement capabilities and enable the industry’s most complete consumer finance payments experience. We work closely […]

Economy Matters: May Jobs Numbers & Fed Outlook
Jun 02, 2023

The labor market remained buoyant in May, according to the latest employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In addition to muddying the waters with respect to the U.S. economic outlook, this month’s jobs report also complicates Federal Reserve interest rate policy. Here’s the lowdown: Nonfarm payrolls grew by 339,000 during the month, […]

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