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Marginally Important House Events
Dec 14, 2023

Due to some surprising announcements and actions in the past few weeks, Congressional math will look different after the New Year. As Congress heads into 2024, an election year, here are the most recent changes to the House of Representatives makeup and what it might mean for the future. The House voted to expel Republican […]

FTC Releases Shopping Rule in Time for Holidays
Dec 13, 2023

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a final rule related to vehicle shopping yesterday. AFSA and the Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) submitted a comment letter on the proposed rule in September 2022. We are pleased that a few of AFSA’s comments, mainly relating to the definition of “dealer,” were adopted in the final rule. At […]

Dec 07, 2023

AFSA is pleased to announce Robert H. Kurnick, Jr., Vice Chairman of the Penske Corporation and President of Penske Automotive Group, Inc., as the Industry Keynote speaker at its 2024 Vehicle Finance Conference and Expo.   Kurnick, whose career with the Penske organization spans almost three decades, leads a global, highly diversified transportation services company, […]

A Call for CFPB Clarity
Dec 07, 2023

Earlier this week AFSA encouraged other trade organizations to join a letter requesting that President Joe Biden support clear rules of the road in the financial services industry that take into account both the benefits and costs of regulation. The letter highlighted that large and small financial institutions alike share the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s […]

Director Chopra Testifies on Capitol Hill
Dec 05, 2023

Last week, Congress returned from the Thanksgiving holiday recess and CFPB Director Rohit Chopra testified before the House Financial Services and Senate Banking Committees. While most of the conversation centered around supporting or arguing against the constitutionality of the Bureau, there were plenty of moments when AFSA’s advocacy efforts broke through. Below are key moments […]

Industry Expertise | Behind the Wheel: Allied Solutions Reflects on Used Car Week
Dec 05, 2023

AFSA’s Industry Expertise allows Business Partners to provide thought leadership and best practices information directly with AFSA member companies. For more information about taking part, contact Dan Bucherer. Behind the Wheel: Allied Solutions Reflects on Used Car Week By: Suzi Straffon, Director, Finance Company Markets | Allied Solutions Used Car Week was held in Scottsdale, AZ […]

Featured Business Partner | PayNearMe
Dec 01, 2023

The featured Business Partner for the month of December is PayNearMe. PayNearMe is the modern, reliable payments platform that facilitates debit, credit, ACH and mobile-first payments, including Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Google Pay for thousands of businesses and government agencies nationwide. PayNearMe also has the most convenient cash payment network, enabling consumers […]

NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection Comment Letter
Nov 30, 2023

This past week, AFSA’s state government affairs team sent a comment letter to the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) on the updated proposed amendments to its rules relating to debt collectors. In the letter AFSA highlights concerns and suggests clarifications for various sections, including the scope of terms “debt collector” […]

Financial Fragility Increased in 2023 While Credit Access Decreased
Nov 30, 2023

New survey results from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York highlight recent trends in financial fragility and access to credit. Unfortunately, the news is not good, especially for younger households and those with weaker credit histories. The latest Survey of Consumer Expectations (SCE) Credit Access Survey reports that the likelihood of an average household […]

Being a Bill on the Hill is Tough
Nov 29, 2023

AFSA monitors every bill that might affect its members. This includes bills out of the typical committees of jurisdiction – the House Financial Services Committee and Senate Committee on Banking and Urban Development – as well as amendments offered during floor votes. It is important to know what legislation is being considered, but how often […]

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