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LISTEN | Obstacles to Digital Adoption on the Extra Credit Podcast
Dec 05, 2019

On episode five of the AFSA Extra Credit Podcast, we're speaking with John Findley, CEO of LemonadeTraining, a company that helps businesses develop game-based education programs. We talk a bit about game-based training, but really take the opportunity to talk about LemonadeTraining’s new whitepaper that delves into ways companies can overcome obstacles to digital adoption across generations. We touch on the important role that front line staff plays in digital adoption and some of the hurdles we face dealing with different consumers.

AFSA’s Cyber Monday Sale!
Dec 02, 2019

AFSA is getting in on the cyber Monday craze!

Happy Thanksgiving from AFSA
Nov 28, 2019

From all of us at AFSA, we hope that you and yours have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

CFPB Director Highlights Role in Financial Education
Nov 25, 2019

Kraninger told Yahoo that she is “proud of the agency’s work on educating U.S. consumers about healthy saving habits.” “Savings is the unique aspect that really helps people in their financial well-being,” Kraninger said in a video of her discussion with Yahoo! Finance editors.

NCLC’s Flawed Debt Collection Report
Nov 19, 2019

Listen to the AFSA Extra Credit Podcast EXTRA for AFSA Senior Vice President Danielle Fagre Arlowe's take on the NCLC Report.

AFSA Extra Credit Podcast EXTRA | Danielle Fagre Arlowe on Misguided NCLC Report
Nov 19, 2019

In this EXTRA, AFSA Senior Vice President Danielle Fagre Arlowe talks about the recent report from the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC). We point out some of the areas where the report falls short and talk about AFSA's response. Listen to all the episodes of the AFSA Extra Credit Podcast at

Is China in the Driver’s Seat? | AFSA Vehicle Finance Conference & Expo
Nov 18, 2019

Ongoing trade negotiations, slowing economic growth and complex internal political challenges keep the world’s largest developing consumer marketplace center stage. How do China's internal and external challenges impact the auto industry?

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