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Kevin Luther

Kevin Luther

Kevin Luther

Owner & Winemaker
Voluptuary & Lucid Wines

Kevin Luther was drawn to winemaking due to its confluence of his passions for nature, agriculture, and craftsmanship.

After earning his degree in Viticulture & Enology from the renowned UC Davis program, Kevin apprenticed around the world throughout his 20s to master the craft. He then returned to California and spent ten years building startups into successful wineries for other people, while also returning to school and obtaining a degree in Wine Business and a WSET diploma while launching his wine consulting business.

Finally, Kevin decided it was time to launch his own winery, and started Voluptuary Wines to focus on his passion for organic & experimental small-batch winemaking. After his first release quickly sold out, Kevin launched the sister brand Lucid Wines to bring his wine to a crowd-pleasing style.

Near Business Death, Success
After launching his brands in 2019, Kevin finally quit his “day job” running wineries for other people. He rented a single roller door in an industrial lot in urban Sacramento, CA, his hometown and put his entire life savings into launching his brand from side project to proper business. The launch party for the new winery was set for March 28th, 2020.

On March 24th, the stay-at-home order for COVID was issued locally. On the verge of losing everything, Kevin quickly pivoted and announced that in lieu of a launch party, he would do a virtual wine tasting on Facebook & Youtube, which folks could join by purchasing at-home wine tasting kits. The first 100 kits sold out in 24 hours after his social media post.

From there, the hockey-stick growth curve kicked in. Interest in the kits & tastings blew up, and interest in private Zoom tastings took off as well. Now, Kevin & his staff host 20 or more virtual group tastings weekly for everything from the general public, private events such as weddings & baby showers, non-profit fundraisers, team- building, staff happy hours, conferences, and VIP events.