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John Rossman

John Rossman

John Rossman

Moss & Barnett

In his national practice dedicated to the financial services industry, John has shaped the law in numerous landmark cases that preserved and expanded the rights of financial services companies, including national banks, automobile lenders, fintech companies, collection agencies, debt buyers, mortgage lenders, creditors, and fellow lawyers.

Licensed to practice in 15 courts and jurisdictions across the country, John regularly serves as counsel nationwide, both as a lead lawyer and as a learned strategist for local counsel. He advises and counsels financial services industry clients on regulatory compliance, defends them in claims and litigation, and advises them on best practices to prevent legal action.

John also helps creditors navigate the Bankruptcy Code and courts and represents them to secure payments and collateral, make determinations for future services, and minimize preference liability.

National Authority on Debt Collection and Regulatory Compliance

John is a prominent commentator and thought leader on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
(FDCPA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and state regulatory laws.
In his counsel to many of the nation’s leading financial services companies, John works collaboratively with clients on developing an efficient and cohesive national legal strategy. He offers proprietary knowledge of proven litigation tactics and opposing counsels’ strategies, a competitive advantage he has built during his more than two decades of counsel in the collection and debt industry.

John is on the steering committee of the Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC), a national organization of larger market participant creditors and financial services companies formed by industry executives who believe that a reasonable and knowledgeable voice is needed to address both issues and solutions. In his role with the CRC, John meets quarterly in Washington, D.C. with key federal regulators and consumer groups to effect positive change for all parties.

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