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Payment Card Division

Payment Card Division

Members of AFSA’s Payment Card Division provide input for the association initiatives related to card issues, such as submitting comment letters, issuing media statements, and testifying at and attending hearings on Capitol Hill and at the state level. In addition, the association’s consumer education efforts through the AFSA Education Foundation regularly provide tips intended to help consumers use cards wisely.

Reasons to Get Involved
  • Develop effective and proactive legislative and regulatory strategies that foster the growth of the business while maintaining a reasonable regulatory climate.
  • Stay up- to-date on legal issues impacting payment cards with reports from the AFSA Law Payment Card Subcommittee.
  • Stay up-to-date on state legislative and regulatory issues by joining the State Payment Card Subcommittee and help develop AFSA’s action plan when warranted that impact payment card issuers.
  • Receive weekly reports state legislative activity in the payment card area.
  • Access AFSA University and train your employees on the same compliance modules used by the CFPB.
  • Showcase your company at the next Credit Summit for Fixed Income Investors.

Division Membership is complimentary for all AFSA members that are either actively engaged in the payment card industry as an Active Member or Business Partners providing products and services to active payment card members. To join the division, visit your profile page.

For more information, contact AFSA Member Services at