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We Call It Memorial Day For a Reason

We Call It Memorial Day For a Reason

The American Financial Services Association and its members have long supported our nation’s military veterans, current servicemembers, and their families. It seems that with every passing year, the intent of Memorial Day becomes less apparent, but it’s important to remember why our nation marks Memorial Day. 

Memorial Day began as Decoration Day in the late 1860s. As a result of the death-toll from Civil War the United States established national cemeteries, and in a sign of reconciliation and remembrance people across the country honored fallen soldiers in the springtime, reciting prayers and decorating the graves of the fallen with flowers. 

On May 30, 1868 Decoration Day was declared a federal holiday, and after World War I the holiday gained greater support and participation across the country, so much so that in 1968 the name of the holiday was changed to Memorial Day and moved to the last Monday of the month of May. 

As Americans, we should use this day to remind ourselves and our families, especially young people, about why and for whom we celebrate this day. Generations of men and women have served and defended our country because they believed America and its founding principles worthy of their sacrifice. We owe the fallen, as well as all those who serve, our deep respect and gratitude, and we share that appreciation with all of them today. 

May 29th, 2023

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