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SGA Covers Vehicle Data Privacy Issues

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SGA Covers Vehicle Data Privacy Issues

AFSA’s State Government Affairs (SGA) recently published its most recent white paper covering vehicle data privacy. Vehicles have become more connected and complex in recent years, collecting a wide range of data, such as speed, location, and even cell phone information. This data can improve safety and efficiency, but also creates a privacy risk and raises questions about who is responsible for the security of the information.

The white paper covers industry, federal, state, and international developments surrounding vehicle data privacy. It looks at how industry groups and federal regulators have started to address challenges posed by interconnected and autonomous vehicles by federal regulators and industry groups. The paper examines the state level, where a patchwork of laws are primarily focused on electronic data recorders, or “black boxes” and the recent omnibus privacy laws in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia have affected vehicle data privacy. The white paper also covers developments in China and the European Union, where privacy regulations have become more stringent and could serve as examples for states.

The paper is also available under the State Resources section of AFSA’s website.

June 14th, 2022 by

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