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AFSA is proud to celebrate the crucial role female executives play throughout the financial services industry. From small companies to large, installment loans to vehicle finance products, female leaders are building the future of our industry. During Women’s History Month, AFSA will be featuring just a small selection of some of the outstanding female leaders in our industry. 

Sheri Wilford
LPI Loans

Sheri is an excellent example of someone who started with her career in an entry level position and worked her way to the top.

She joined Lloyd’s Plan, Inc., as a Customer Service Representative 1985. At that time, LPI had two branches in Iowa and also engaged in consumer credit counseling. After the loss of their head counselor, Sheri “raised her hand” to fill the vacancy and was promoted, leading the division for five years, gaining significant management experience. After successfully bringing this division to its highest profitability in history, Sheri asked for a salary increase. When this was denied, she made the decision to leave the company and spend more time with her newborn son.

Within less than a year, the company approached Sheri to return as head of sales finance and accounting for the consumer lending operation. In 2001, the company was sold to another independent buyer. In 2002, Sheri was promoted to President. Since then, the company has grown to seven branches in three states.

We asked Sheri what advice she’d give to her younger self, knowing what she knows now.

Have the confidence to ask for what you want and never sell yourself short.”

March 29th, 2022 by