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AFSA Officially Launches D&I Working Group

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AFSA Officially Launches D&I Working Group

AFSA is pleased to announce the official formation of our Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. Prabir Chakrabarty with Mariner Finance is serving as the Chair and Kristen Miller with Global Lending Services is the Vice Chair.

All AFSA members and business partners are welcome to join. Please email Celia Winslow ( if you’re interested.

The mission statement of the working group is: “The American Financial Services Association continually strives to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion within the financial services industry. As an association we value, respect, and understand the importance and strength of both inclusion and diversity. We believe that when diverse individuals contribute ideas, we achieve excellence and innovation. Together with our members, we exchange information, address issues and potential barriers, and establish networking opportunities that advance overall diversity and inclusion within the industry.”

The working group strives to:

  • Foster an environment of diversity, equality, and inclusion within the financial services industry;
  • Integrate diversity, equality, and inclusion goals across the association;
  • Support our members as they continue to build and maintain diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces that represent the communities they serve; and,
  • Identify and remove barriers to equitable access.

April 2nd, 2021 by