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Five Questions with February Featured Business Partner ACI

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Five Questions with February Featured Business Partner ACI

The featured Business Partner for February is ACI. We asked them a few questions about their business and what they’re seeing in the economy. Learn more at

  1. What is the most important issue facing your company right now?

Meeting consumer expectations and needs changes in notifications, billing and payment experience while ensuring security and compliance for the companies we service.

  1. What are some key trends your company is tracking?

Consumers continue to migrate to mobile devices, where they expect to be able to view and pay their bills in a few easy steps. Billing companies are challenged to meet consumer expectations for speed while complying with increasing regulations and threats to data security.

  1. Why did your company join AFSA?

AFSA is the primary and most revered consumer credit trade association in the US. The member base is a perfect match with ACI’s targeted and existing consumer finance customer base, particularly in the auto and consumer lending segments. AFSA sets its membership standards high as to the types of companies it admits and serves as does ACI. Our AFSA membership provides ACI with tremendous access to AFSA’s 400+ member organizations and helps ACI to continuously refine solutions to meet AFSA member needs.

  1. How has being an AFSA Premier Partner benefited your company?

The AFSA Premier Partner membership has enabled ACI to take a leadership role on the AFSA’s Business Partner Board and Women’s Leadership Council. As a result, we’ve had countless opportunities to connect with prospects, customers, C-level executives and industry influencers. We’ve also been able to form many valuable business relationships and friendships with people we’ve met through our AFSA involvement. By one of our senior sales team members stepping into a leadership role within the AFSA, ACI has had the opportunity to suggest content for AFSA events and can engage ACI subject matter experts to speak and promote how our products and services can benefit our members’ organizations. This involvement positions ACI as a market leader and at the top of our members’ minds when they think about payments and billing, which is one of the primary benefits of AFSA for business partner members.

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