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Anthony Robles: Underdog to Undefeated

Anthony Robles: Underdog to Undefeated

Born with one leg, 2011 NCAA Champion Anthony Robles became an unstoppable force in college wrestling. Now, Robles shares his strategy for success – harnessing a limitless belief in self and the motivation to accomplish what others wouldn't have thought possible.

Robles will share his story – soon to be a feature-length film produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – at the 2020 AFSA Independents Conference & Expo Champions Club Luncheon, April 28-30 in La Quinta, California.

When Anthony Robles was born without a right leg, there was little hope that he would go on to live a normal life, much less one focused on pursuing success in a sport as demanding as wrestling, when such a disadvantage would prove a challenge that is almost insurmountable. But Robles proved to be a force that is unstoppable.

With steely determination, a dedication to sharpening his mental strength and adapting his technique to win matches, Robles went from being the worst wrestler in the city of Mesa, Arizona to become the 2011 NCAA Division I Champion, a three-time All-American and NWCA Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament-all the while winning with the disadvantage of wrestling able-bodied athletes. Motivated and charismatic, Robles credits his ability to succeed in the face of overwhelming challenges to a belief instilled in him by his mother from the time he was born-that he could do anything and could overcome any obstacle that came his way.


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