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A Purpose-driven Session

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A Purpose-driven Session

Roy Spence has some impressive accolades. With his agency GSD&M, he’s helped grow some of the world’s most profitable businesses and recognizable brands, including Southwest Airlines, Walmart, Dreamworks Studio, Whole Foods, BMW, the PGA Tour and L.L. Bean. He has been a counselor to presidents and leaders at the U.S. State Department and has worked to elevate the Clinton Global Initiative to what it is today.

He even helped develop the “Don’t Mess with Texas” slogan and ad campaign.

But that success takes a back seat to his true passion – helping individuals and companies find their purpose. That’s not just another buzz word for Spence – he signs every letter he writes with “Ride at Dawn,” a simple call to action to get out and live life to the fullest. He’s the founder of the Purpose Institute, which “exists to help organizations discover, articulate and bring to life their deeper Purpose in the world.”

In his popular video series and in his bestselling books, Spence says your companies’ purpose boils down to this question: what change are you trying to make in the world? We operate in a corporate world focused on missions and visions, without a full understanding of what “mission” and “vision” are, or seeing that “purpose” is foundational. An example Spence gives:

Southwest Airlines’ purpose is to “give people the freedom to fly.” Mission is how you activate that purpose. Southwest does this by keeping their fares down. By keeping prices low, they’re able to give people greater freedom. The vision is how you see the world when you’re fulfilling your purpose. Southwest sees a time when people can easily go and do and see the things that they want. By focusing on the company’s purpose, Southwest can activate their mission to achieve their vision.

What is your company’s purpose? Do you have it defined?

Join us for Spence’s keynote on October 22 at the 2019 AFSA Annual Meeting to learn how you can define and achieve your company’s purpose.


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