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Delaware State Fund Highlights Importance of Financial Education

Delaware State Fund Highlights Importance of Financial Education

The Delaware Bank Commissioner this week will award $340,000 to schools, non-profits, and community organizations to fund financial literacy courses, according to a report from Delaware Public Media. The state last distributed financial-literacy grants, which are funded via revenue from a license fee on businesses that extend high-cost payday and car title loans dollars, in 2017.

The application deadline is October 1st. “We have targeted some of these grants at populations that are different geographically or might have limited access to some of those resources, specific emphasis on veterans and members of the military, seniors, minority communities,” says Doug Denison with the Delaware Department of State.

The AFSA Educational Foundation shares that commitment for providing students of all ages with the fundamentals of money management. AFSAEF offers its free MoneySKILL program to consumers in all 50 states. Students at the elementary school level access grade-appropriate content in subject areas, such as income, expenses, saving and investing, credit, and insurance. The high school and college courses are designed to be integrated into course work on economics, business, math or personal finances. MoneySKILL curriculums are updated annually to keep current with the needs of students.

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