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Sarah Milovich

Sarah Milovich

Women's Leadership Council

Sarah Milovich

Corporate Attorney & Compliance Associate
Carleton, Inc.

Sarah joined Carleton, Inc. in 2017 after working in private practice. Before Carleton, she worked at a law firm with a concentration in corporate law and estate planning. Sarah serves as Carleton's general counsel and as a Research & Compliance associate. Sarah earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame. She obtained a Juris Doctorate from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She is licensed to practice law in Indiana and Michigan.

Areas of Expertise
Software Contracts, Processes and Organization, Team Building.

Areas of expertise upon which I would like to continue learning.
Executive Management, Project Management.

What three keywords best describe you?
Inquisitive, Diligent, Analytical.

Personal Motto
Work hard, stay humble, and be kind to others.

What are you passionate about?
Maintaining an active lifestyle and spending time outdoors with my husband and our dog.

Who has been a role model for you?
My mom who became a schoolteacher after raising three children. She goes above and beyond for her students. She constantly seeks opportunities to train, develop, and grow.

What are you most proud of?
Being the first person in my extended family to pursue and receive an advanced degree.

What would you say are the key success factors for a mentoring relationship?
Bluntness, communication, relatable situations/stories.

What advice would you give yourself as a young executive?
Volunteer for advancement and leadership. Sometimes you are not given advancement opportunities simply because you did not proactively make it known that you were interested in advancement.

Make time for networking and getting to know professionals in other industries.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started your career?
Some things take time. You cannot always predict what opportunities will arise.