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Kathy Ruble

Kathy Ruble

Women's Leadership Council

Kathy Ruble

Executive Director, Auto Marketing and Dealer Communications
Ally Financial

Kathy is the Executive Director Auto Marketing and Dealer Communications at Ally. She is responsible for all aspects of automotive marketing and advertising. Her team creates and distributes dealer/program communications to 18,000 plus Dealers. Previously, Kathy was the Executive Director of Communications, Dealership Online Services, and led the U.S. sales team that sold and promoted dealership training, lead management, and Ally SmartAuction. Kathy has been with GM/GMAC/Ally for 33 years and during her career has amassed a wealth of experience in many facets of the auto business and finance operations. She has held a number of sales and marketing positions as well as roles in commercial lending, OEM operations and alliance support. Ruble holds a Bachelor’s degree in communication, arts and sciences from Michigan State University and a Master’s degree in administration/marketing from Central Michigan University. She serves on the AFSA Vehicle Finance Board and Conference Planning Committee. She also sits on the AFSA Women’s Leadership Council, the AFSA Education Foundation Board, and was recently appointed to the Michigan Philharmonic Board of Directors. She is a mentor at Ally and Wayne State University, and is active with the Ally Women’s ERG chairing the business connectivity pillar.

Areas of Expertise
Auto Finance, Marketing, Sales Promotion, Corporate Events/Sponsorships, Executive Management, Communications

Areas of expertise upon which I would like to continue learning.
Commercial Lending, Investing, Wealth Management

What three keywords best describe you?
Ambitious, Out-going, Organized

Personal Motto
Go to bed with dreams, wake up with purpose.
Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of someone else.

What are you passionate about?
Travel, Family, Learning, Teaching

What is something interesting about you that members might not know?
I was as classically trained violinist and considered making music a career.
We adopted our daughter Lily from the Hunan Provence in China.

Who has been a role model for you?
My father, a 42-year executive at Cadillac.
Jim Kucharski, Keith Constantine and Jim Nelson – long time GMAC Executives.

What are you most proud of?
Adopting our daughter from China
Finishing graduate school
Promoted to an Executive during a tie when not many women were been promoted.

What would you say are the key success factors for a mentoring relationship?
A willingness to share knowledge and expertise. Be a professional and positive role model. Possess a high level of commitment and clearly understand the goals of the Mentee.

What advice would you give yourself as a young executive?
Be proactive with respect to your career growth, development and aspirations. Make sure those that can help you advance, know and understand where you want to go.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started your career?
Don’t tie your sense of self-worth to your job.