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New Hampshire

New Hampshire

New Hampshire (NH)

Capital: Concord

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Facts & Statistics

Population 2020
Population 2019 1,360,783
Population 2018
Population 2017 1,349,767
Population 2016 1,342,373
Below Poverty 2019 7.3
Below Poverty 2018 6.1
Below Poverty 2017 7.7
Below Poverty 2016 7.3
Employment – Population Ratio 2019 67.3
Employment – Population Ratio 2018
Employment – Population Ratio 2017 66.6
Employment – Population Ratio 2016 66.4
Unemployed 2020 4
Unemployed 2019 2.4
Unemployed 2018 2.5
Unemployed 2017 2.7
Unemployed 2016 2.9
Foreclosure Rate 2018 1 of 3,944
Of the thirteen original colonies, New Hampshire was the first to declare its independence from Mother England — a full six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed.
Captain John Smith named New Hampshire after the town of Hampshire, England.
New Hampshire’s state motto is “Live Free or Die.” The motto comes from a statement written by the General John Stark, hero of the Battle of Bennington in the Revolutionary War.



Chris Sununu (R)
President of the Senate Chuck Morse (R)
 Attorney General Gordon MacDonald (D)
 Secretary of State Bill Gardner (D)
 State Senate Control R – 14; D – 10
 State House Control D – 211; R – 186



Legislative Process

Convenes January 6, 2021
Sine Die Adjournment June 30, 2021
Committee Action Deadlines N/A
Crossover Deadline TBD
Carryover from Previous Session No
Governor’s Signing Deadline (in session) Five days, Sundays excepted
Governor’s Signing Deadline (after adjournment) 5 days or legislation is pocket vetoed
Veto Override 2/3 majority
Legislation Effective Date Specified in bill text


Notable Laws & Legislation

Franchising Legislation

Franchising legislation – Enacted House Bill 153

New Hampshire Auto Franchise Bill Modified as a Result of AFSA’s Efforts

On May 6, 2009, the Governor of New Hampshire signed NH SB 153, the Car Dealers Bill of Rights, into law. AFSA was able to amend the bill to incorporate language that provides protection for the association’s members.

The new law contains clauses that restrict captive finance companies in certain aspects of their dealings with auto dealers. Specifically, it removes the auto dealer’s responsibility to verify the identity and credit history of a borrower, unless the dealer contractually obligates itself to warrant the accuracy of such information; increases regulation of the financing arrangement between the dealer and finance company; and prevents the captive finance company from negotiating contracts with auto dealers on a case-by-case basis.

As initially introduced, NH SB 153 was very troubling. It was modeled after a North Carolina law passed a few years ago, but it lacked a key provision found in the North Carolina law that allowed dealers to contractually obligate themselves to warrant the accuracy of the information on the finance contract, as long as there is an opportunity for the dealer to fix the contract.

Due to AFSA’s work with the New Hampshire Dealers Association, the legislature, the Governor’s office and testimony on the negative consequences of NH SB 153 in a House Hearing last week, this key provision was incorporated as an amendment to the New Hampshire bill and signed into law, significantly reducing the burden placed on captive finance companies.

Incorporated to NH Revised Statutes, chapter 357-c Regulation of business practices between motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors and dealers, section 6-a Prohibited Contractual Requirements Imposed by Manufacturer, Distributor, or Captive Finance Source.

Security Breach Notification Law



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Political Geography

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