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Women’s History Month | Ronda Cepeda

Women’s History Month | Ronda Cepeda

AFSA is celebrating Women’s History Month by featuring outstanding female leaders in the consumer credit industry.

What has been the most important lesson? 
Embracing my uniqueness. As a woman, it’s essential to recognize and celebrate the qualities that make you stand out. Use those to break barriers fearlessly. Throughout my career, I’ve realized that the path to success often involves breaking societal norms and challenging gender stereotypes. Most importantly, build a strong network and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who inspire you and support you, both male and female.

Was there a mentor who provided great insight in your early career?
Early in my career, I met Dean Evans, who instilled in me the belief that dreams are meant to be chased, not just imagined, He taught me to set audacious goals, to believe in my abilities, and never settle for anything less than what I truly deserve, above all he also taught me the value of kindness and compassion. Success is measured not just by personal achievement but by our positive impact on others.

What do you wish you of today could have told the younger you about building a career?
If I could turn back time, I would tell myself that a career is not just a way to earn a living but an opportunity to pursue my passions, grow as an individual, and make a positive impact on the world. Stay curious and never stop learning. Remember to dream fearlessly, work hard, and stay true to yourself. With determination and perseverance, you will achieve greatness.

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