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Women’s History Month | Bethany Slomski-Rangel

Women’s History Month | Bethany Slomski-Rangel

AFSA is celebrating Women’s History Month by featuring outstanding female leaders in the consumer credit industry.

What has been the most important lesson? 

The most important lesson I’ve learned stems from a profound piece of advice given to be by a General Counsel: “When you speak, people listen.” This simple yet powerful statement has become the cornerstone of how I approach my work and interactions. It serves as a constant reminder that my words carry weight and influence, not just in providing guidance or advice but also in shaping relationships and fostering trust. Embracing this principal has taught me the significance of not only delivering solid guidance, but also doing so with kindness and honesty. In a professional landscape where communication is key, this lesson has proven invaluable.

Was there a mentor who provided great insight in your early career?

Yes. Growing up in a family that owned a funeral home, I had the privilege of witnessing the compassionate and dedicated service my family provided to the community during their most challenging moments. Their unwavering commitment to supporting others with empathy and pride, left an indelible mark on me and instilled a deep sense of purpose and service. As I embarked on my career as an attorney, I was determined to find a way to incorporate that approach into my professional life. It was during this time, that I encountered a mentor who much like my family, emphasized the human aspect of every situation. She encouraged me that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable regulatory issues or legal challenges to approach my work with the principles of integrity and purpose, not just as a matter of legal strategy.

What do you wish the you of today could have told the younger you about building a career?

If I could go back and speak to myself about the importance of building a career, I would emphasize that hard work is equally as important as building strong relationships. While diligence and dedication are undeniably crucial, I have come to realize that the network of professional relationships we cultivate plays an equally significant role in shaping our professional journey.

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