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October White Paper | Consumer Complaints 2023 Update

October White Paper | Consumer Complaints 2023 Update

AFSA’s State Government Affairs’ latest white paper is now available. This month’s white paper delves into top consumer complaints reported by states.

Consumer complaint information can serve as a valuable resource for financial institutions aiming to enhance their operational methods and spot practices that could soon become subject to further regulatory oversight. Yet, gaining a clear insight into consumer complaint patterns presents a challenge due to the inconsistent nature of the data. Although all states collect and oversee consumer complaints, either via the attorney general’s office or another designated state agency for consumer protection, not all states release annual reports detailing their most common complaints. This white paper analyzes historical consumer complaint patterns exclusively from data reported by state governments.

This paper, along with SGA’s other white papers, can be found on the SGA resources section of AFSA’s website.

October 16th, 2023 by

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