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Breakfast & Breakouts

Breakfast & Breakouts

Start your Thursday morning at the 2023 Independents Conference & Expo with your choice between two educative, exciting sessions, along with a bite to eat, thanks to our sponsor, FIMC.

Over the past year, with state and federal policymakers continuing to look at rate caps or the 36% Military Lending Act cap, significant studies exposing the flaws and falacies of such policies have been released.  Hear from the economists who are dismantling the myth that rate caps aid consumers.


You saw the groundbreaking report in American Banker. Now hear from Patrick Brenner, President of the Southwest Public Policy Institute on his investigation into the failings of New Mexico’s interest rate cap.

Join Brenner, and the economists whose research is cutting through the mythology of rate caps and highlighting the real harm to consumers’ financial health such policies create, for a panel that will arm you with data you need to help push back on the Rate Cap Myth.

The neurodiverse community is an untapped area for employment that helps bring measurable financial benefits as well as improved workplace culture, making it a focus of major global corporations. Join us as Anthony Pacilio, Vice President, Neurodiverse Solutions at CAI, discusses how to implement and support neurodiversity hiring practices. He’ll share his personal journey, define what neurodiversity is, and explain how organizations can find, attract, hire and support neurodivergent candidates

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