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AFSA Celebrates Black History Month | Marc Womack

AFSA Celebrates Black History Month | Marc Womack

For Black History Month, AFSA seeks to celebrate the efforts and accomplishments of AFSA member company colleagues working in the consumer credit and financial services industries.


Marc Womack
Executive Vice President, Head of Operations
Santander Consumer USA, Inc.

How have your life experiences as a Black American shaped the person you are today?

It has focused me on how I “show up” in every aspect of my personal and professional lives. When I am one of the few that “look like me” in the rooms that I am in, it is important to me to represent myself, my family, my company, etc. in a way that reflects the respect that I want to both give and receive.

How have they affected your approach to working in the consumer credit or broader financial services industries?

I always have been intentional about my efforts to focus on delivering an impact that reflects positively on who I am as an executive and leverage my leadership position to increase the consideration and opportunities for diverse candidates within my areas of influence.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

It is the intentional opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the achievements and contributions that African Americans have made to the culture, vitality and success of America and the world.


February 14th, 2023 by

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