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Breaking Records

If you joined us at the 2023 Vehicle Finance Conference & Expo this week, then you already know that more than 750 auto finance executives – an attendance record – joined us in Dallas to discuss the state of the industry and the opportunities and challenges for 2023.

We got under way Tuesday with a panel focused on the current industry pulse. Our experts dissected what’s going on in the industry and most importantly, why it mattered. On Wednesday:

  • Jérémie Papin, Chairperson, Nissan Americas spoke with Bill Himpler on key issues facing both auto makers and finance sources. Then Keynote Michael Lombardi shared his Super Bowl-winning leadership lessons with attendees.

  • Experts Sarah Watt House and Eric Ueland covered the crucial intersection between policy/politics and the economy in a conversation led by head of RealClearMarkets John Tamny.

  • Paul Hockel, the head of data analytics with a Fortune 100 global leader in Data Analytics told attendees how his experiences and processes helped evolve operations in a highly competitive marketplace.

  • Dr. Virnitia Hendricks led two panels covering such emerging DEI topics as social innovation versus philanthropy, embedding standards and guidelines in business, beyond metrics, and programing.

  • Danielle Arlowe and Celia Winslow, as always, delivered a thought-provoking and humorous update on AFSA’s goings-on around the nation.

  • We rounded out the day with a panel of experts from financial services, academia and the hospitality industry discussing advancements in HR and the issues all leaders need to understand.

On Thursday, our CEO panel took an in-depth dive on our industry, which was followed by AFSA Chair Marc Womack of Santander and NADA Chair Geoff Pohanka discussing the shared issues faced by both industries. Finally, we closed the show by taking our industry pulse panel and projecting it forward, tasking our panelists with looking into their crystal balls in an engaging analysis on where the vehicle marketplace may go in the coming decade.

Look for some more in-depth blog posts and Capital Notes articles, as well as podcast episodes with our conference speakers, in the next several weeks.

January 26th, 2023 by

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