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South Carolina Announces New Personal Finance High School Graduation Requirement

South Carolina Announces New Personal Finance High School Graduation Requirement

A new provision in South Carolina’s recently passed state budget will require high school students to complete a course in personal finance before graduation. The Council on Economic Education’s 2022 Survey of the States reports that only nine have a similar personal finance requirement.  The new course enables South Carolina youth to gain fundamental knowledge for making sound financial decisions.

The personal finance requirement comes two and a half years after South Carolina Treasurer, Curtis Loftis, announced the South Carolina Financial Literacy Master Teacher Program, an initiative focused on educating teachers about the importance of providing personal finance instruction to K-12 students.

As more states, including Florida, Michigan, and Rhode Island, begin to implement comprehensive K-12 personal finance education requirements, the American Financial Services Association is pleased to offer educators a free, web-based personal finance course MoneySKILL through the AFSA Education Foundation. MoneySKILL allows educators to customize their own personal finance courses from 37 modules on a variety of topics covering budgeting, accessing credit, auto financing, investing, and more. Since it was launched in 2002, MoneySKILL has reached 1.3 million users and is currently being used in 50% of U.S. counties.

To learn more about the MoneySKILL program and how to set up an instructor (or parent) account, visit the AFSA Education Foundation website here.

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