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Expand Your Knowledge with AFSA Committee Meetings

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Expand Your Knowledge with AFSA Committee Meetings

Nearly all of AFSA’s committees and networking groups are meeting at theĀ 2022 Independents Conference & Expo held May 2nd to 5th, at the beautiful La Quinta Resort & Spa in Palm Springs, California.

Committee/group members save nearly 40% on registration!

Committees/groups meeting at the conference include:

  • AFSA Board of Directors
  • AFSA Executive Committee
  • AFSAEF Board of Directors
  • Business Partner Board
  • Human Resources Networking Group
  • Independent Auto Finance Executives Group
  • Independents Accounting Committee
  • Independents Advisory Board
  • Law Committee
  • Leadership Development Steering Committee
  • Marketing & Communications Networking Group
  • Operations & Regulatory Compliance Committee
  • State Government Affairs Committee
  • The EDGE Advisory Board
  • Women’s Leadership Council


March 22nd, 2022 by