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Woman Leader of the Day | Marguerite Watanabe

Woman Leader of the Day | Marguerite Watanabe

AFSA is proud to celebrate the crucial role female executives play throughout the financial services industry. From small companies to large, installment loans to vehicle finance products, female leaders are building the future of our industry. During Women’s History Month, AFSA will be featuring just a small selection of some of the outstanding female leaders in our industry.  

Connections Insights

Marguerite has worked in the auto and automotive finance industry for 30 years allowing her to understand its strengths, weaknesses and, most importantly, opportunities. She devotes much of her time to sharing her expertise and connections. Her company provides insights on where innovative product and service solutions can be implemented to improve business processes and shareholder value.

Marguerite is a founder of the Women’s Leadership Council and has helped manage it since its inception.

We asked Margeurite what advice she’d give to her younger self, knowing what she knows now.

Without overthinking it, consider each fork in the road as an opportunity and a pivotal moment.

March 8th, 2022 by

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