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AFSA’s 2022 Federal Priorities

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AFSA’s 2022 Federal Priorities

The U.S. has a full history of evolving national consumer financial protection laws to ensure consumers are fairly and responsibly treated by financial institutions. Some 22 different federal laws, spanning eight different agencies, create a layered system of laws that protect consumers. The ongoing evolution of these laws serves a rich and diverse economy where consumers have tremendous choice in accessing a myriad of credit products from a wide variety of sources.

Every consumer – regardless of economic status – is best served by a regulatory regime that provides them access to some form of credit. As our economy changes and evolves, our consumer finance laws must keep up.

With an eye toward improving our system, AFSA has developed its 2022 Federal Priorities.

Everything from small-dollar loans to rate caps, vehicle financing to credit reporting, debt collection to ancillary protection products are on AFSA’s radar this year. We’ll keep you informed as the year progresses.

February 25th, 2022 by