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September’s Featured Business Partner is DataScan

September’s Featured Business Partner is DataScan

September’s Featured Business Partner is DataScan. We asked them a few questions about the value of AFSA membership and some of the opportunities or challenges they face in 2021. Learn more at

What are your financial services clients telling you are their biggest challenges and opportunities for 2021?

As an industry-leading provider in floorplan lending, our clients face a challenge that no one could have predicted. The chip shortage has led directly to inventory levels being lower than expected. In turn, our clients are experiencing line utilization issues as they have never had in the past.

What have you heard are some key initiatives for your clients in 2021 that you are planning to support?  ​

Clients continue to drive DataScan to provide products and solutions that deliver operational efficiencies and manage risk digitally.

What are some of the lessons you learned throughout 2020 that have helped your company be more productive, more efficient, more sustainable, more profitable this year? 

You can choose whichever element you prefer – productive, efficient, sustainable, etc.) We have learned that even though floorplan lending is in a state of flux, the company needs to continue to innovate and invest in emerging risk management technologies and data-driven solutions.

What changes have you made to your business model or solutions’ road maps in response to evolving mobility and digital retailing trends?

​We are working on technology solutions to help our clients manage their operations and mitigate risk much more efficiently. More to come from DataScan.​


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