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A Radical Regulatory Proposal

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A Radical Regulatory Proposal

When it comes to laws and regulations around consumer credit, some policymakers, as the saying goes, seem intent on killing a fly by burning down the house.  Sure, you address the issue, but consider all that ancillary damage.

That’s the point made in a recent op-ed by Jared Kaplan, CEO of OppFi, in the American Banker. As Kaplan notes, small dollar lending is a “vital lifeline” for more than 60 million American consumers. However, rate caps often harm the consumers they’re intended to help.

Kaplan also points out – rightly – that these proposals are being made with a flawed understanding of the consumer credit marketplace. Rather than hinder consumers’ access to even fewer credit options, he argues for broader adoption of the commonsense attributes of traditional installment loans: testing the consumers ability to repay, reporting payment history to credit bureaus, having fully-amortized payments, and doing away with balloon payments and prepayment penalties.

Now there’s a radical regulatory proposal: protecting consumers by allowing the consumer credit marketplace to serve them.

March 18th, 2021 by