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March Featured Business Partner: Securian | Allied Solutions

March Featured Business Partner: Securian | Allied Solutions

AFSA’s featured Business Partner for March is Securian | Allied Solutions. We asked them a few questions about the value of their business partner membership and the issues they’re facing. Learn more at

What is the most important issue facing your company right now?

We partner with finance companies in the auto and consumer finance space to provide solutions so our clients can best serve their consumers. With our consultative approach and commitment to the market, we offer our clients a comprehensive product suite of claims, insurance, lending, marketing, and risk management services.

Supporting our clients’ challenges with COVID-19 remains at the forefront of corporate priorities. Additionally, we have been adapting to the changing regulatory environment. At both the federal and state levels, we have enhanced our focus on how consumer protections, data security compliance, and loan process management are impacting clients and how we implement our products and solutions.

Allied and Securian continue to offer our clients innovative, targeted solutions for their businesses and customers. Allied Solutions’ partnership with Securian Financial allows us to meet these challenges from a position of financial strength and support for our clients.

What are some key trends your company is tracking?

We partner with industry experts to monitor and analyze regulatory issues and updates to the insurance and lending laws impacting our finance company clients and the solutions we provide. Our industry experience and knowledge allow us to provide our clients with continued guidance and education on topics directly impacting their businesses and the customers they serve. These include auxiliary loan product refunds, coverage and cancellations, billing leniency, repossession and more.

Perhaps most importantly, we’re monitoring common issues faced by our industry and their role in driving impactful, flexible solutions for our clients, such as digital solutions, new products, and improved processes.

Why did your company join AFSA?

Allied Solutions and Securian Financial know the power of partnership firsthand. We partner together to provide relevant, compliant solutions. AFSA provides us the opportunity to demonstrate the value of partnership to the finance company marketplace and to join forces with other subject matter experts and advocates in support of our clients and customers. The ability to become members of a variety of committees, working groups, and advisory boards allows us to stay informed of industry challenges, concerns, and successes. We can then use that information to continue to provide a high level of service to meet client needs.

How has being an AFSA Premier Partner benefited your company?

Since 2011, our 9 years as an AFSA Premier Partner has provided opportunities for Allied and Securian to network, stay informed about industry trends and topics, and connect with other providers and clients in the consumer credit industry. AFSA is our resource for industry news, regulatory challenges affecting our clients, and insight regarding government policies and regulatory guidance.

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