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November Business Partner Spotlight: GOLDPoint Systems

November Business Partner Spotlight: GOLDPoint Systems

The featured Business Partner for November is GOLDPoint Systems, which offers one of the most complete Loan Management Software Systems in the Direct and Indirect market, covering the complete loan life cycle. We asked them a few questions about their business and what they’re seeing in the economy.

  1. What is the most important issue facing your company right now? GOLDPOINT Systems provides core lending software products to the consumer finance industry that allow our customers to originate and service loans. COVID 19 has changed the landscape of how we traditionally conduct business. GOLDPOINT Systems sees this shift and is creating enhancements to our services to not only meet the demand of these known changes, but also anticipate and fill voids that may still be forthcoming. Our most important issue is to provide software tools to help our customers not only survive but thrive in the everchanging business environment.
  2. What are some key trends your company is tracking? Of course we always track loan volumes, but now more than ever we are tracking the shift on how these loans are being originated. We see more and more loans originated and serviced completely online with very little human interaction. When you take the human element out of the equation, finance companies that have built their competitive advantage around providing the best customer service and in-person experience, need to somehow transfer that mindset to a digital experience. The lending trends are shifting to a 24/7 completely online experience and those finance companies that can provide “The Best Borrower Experience” through fast application, auto decisioning, e-Signatures, and multiple funding options will be the ones that thrive.
  1. Why did your company join AFSA? The health and going concern of the consumer finance industry directly impacts our business. There is no other association that even comes close to providing the voice in Washington DC and advocating our cause than AFSA. They also provide education and insights that help us stay ahead upcoming legislation changes as well as uniting us and bringing us together for a stronger voice.
  2. How has being an AFSA Premier Partner benefited your company?  Many of our business opportunities have come from interactions that occurred at an AFSA event. AFSA’s strength is bringing together all the players in the consumer finance Industry. In our mind AFSA provides the most powerful networking framework in the country. We also need to mention the AFSA staff. They are amazing people both professionally and personally.

November 1st, 2020

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