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Fussell Appointed to AFSA Board

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Fussell Appointed to AFSA Board

George Fussell, President & CEO of SAFCO was recently appointed to the AFSA Board of Directors. He also serves on the Independents Section Board, Independent Auto Finance Executives Group and the State Government Affairs Committee.

Starting in 1979, Mr. Fussell grew his used car dealership to be the largest independent dealer in the state of Florida. SAFCO was founded in 1990 as his captive lender. In 2004, after the sale of his dealership to AutoNation, SAFCO began offering indirect financing for dealers throughout Florida, Georgia, and Texas. Today the company conducts business in 32 markets and currently employs 125 people, conducting its loan servicing operations out of its Orlando, FL office. SAFCO’s Corporate Office is in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Mr. Fussell is responsible for transitioning SAFCO from a traditional, manual-based finance company into a technological and data-driven organization. He is also a recognized leader in the dispensation of distressed portfolios through SAFCO’s Portfolio Services Division. He has worked with several major national and international financial institutions and private equity companies on foreclosure consulting, whole loan purchasing, workouts and more.

September 3rd, 2020 by

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