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Premier Partner Highlight: FIS

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Premier Partner Highlight: FIS

Premier Partners provide the American Financial Services Association with significant support to ensure the success of not only the association, but the entire consumer-finance industry. We asked the FIS team, AFSA’s February 2020 highlighted Premier Partner, to provide insight into the industry and their AFSA membership.

What is the most important issue facing your company right now?

FIS faces many of the same issues as other companies across the FinTech landscape: attracting and retaining talent, staying ahead of the ever-changing technological landscape, continuing to deliver top notch solutions and services, creating a cultural environment of collaboration, inspiration, and innovation, etc. Yet perhaps the most important issue facing FIS would be the FinTech brand, solution proliferation and assisting clients with IT modernization. With the proliferation of financial technology firms ranging from start-ups to large publicly traded FinTechs and the copy-cat marketing tactics, it’s more important than ever to develop long-term partnerships with clients based on trust and differentiate ourselves as trusted partners who deliver excellent services.

What are some key trends your company is tracking?

Being a software provider to the financial services industry means that innovations in technology need to be at the forefront of our minds when setting product development strategies, deciding on roadmap investments and pushing our product suites forward to best support our client’s business. In addition to FIS’ ongoing focus on security, some key trends that we are following and investing in include Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – how these technologies can be utilized within the asset finance industry and be of true business benefit to our clients and their customers. Other key trends include the move towards a pay-per-use model for leasing resulting from the changing dynamic of consumer buying behaviors, digitizing the customer experience, and streamlining/automating as much of the end-to-end process as possible to increase operational efficiencies.

Why did your company join AFSA?

AFSA is the key industry association in North America when it comes to consumer credit. Being a part of the association enables FIS to actively serve AFSA members through participation in committees, network with members and business partners, and be on the forefront of trends and regulations that may affect consumers and the industry. FIS can use what we learn from AFSA and its members in our strategic planning and product roadmap to better serve the marketplace.

How has being an AFSA Premier Partner benefited your company?

Being an AFSA Premier Partner has benefited FIS by allowing us to be more involved and have a more active voice in the AFSA Business Partner Board. The more involved FIS became, our connections improved, and our knowledge of the industry increased.

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