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CFPB Director Highlights Role in Financial Education

CFPB Director Highlights Role in Financial Education

In an interview published last week with Yahoo! Finance, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Kathy Kraninger placed a spotlight on her agency’s increased focus on financial education.

Kraninger told Yahoo that she is “proud of the agency’s work on educating U.S. consumers about healthy saving habits.”
“Savings is the unique aspect that really helps people in their financial well-being,” Kraninger said in a video of her discussion with Yahoo! Finance editors.

The AFSA Education Foundation has long focused on educating consumers on personal finance concepts including savings and helping them realize the benefits of responsible money management while gaining a better understanding of the credit process. In fact, the AFSA Education Foundation was one of the first to launch an online personal finance curriculum. MoneySKILL® helps students become more financially savvy. Since its inception more than one million users have had access to a healthier financial future. In 2020 the foundation will celebrate 30 years of working to achieve the mantra that an informed or educated consumer is a good consumer. MoneySKILL® features 37 modules on a variety of topics ranging from auto financing to investing. The AFSA Education Foundation website also offers a suite of additional resources and tools for consumers to access.

AFSA is pleased to see the CFPB leadership’s focus on empowering consumers through financial literacy programs and is doing its part to support that effort.

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