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Many choices to consider when selecting marketing, media partners

Many choices to consider when selecting marketing, media partners

When companies develop marketing strategies for brand and product awareness they will need to consider many forms of media to carry their messages.

But no matter which type of media they choose to make an impact, the right message must be served to the right person at the right time and in the right place.

“If not, money and time are wasted and cause consumers to be annoyed or angered,” says Tracy Arrington, a Senior Vice President of Marketing & Media at Brain Trust Partners in Austin, and also a lecturer at the University of Texas.

Arrington outlined her vision of the modern media strategies last month in the Marketing & Communications committee meeting at the 36th annual AFSA Independents Conference & Expo in Austin.

She said there is no single correct way for companies to develop their media strategy and plans.

“Place the consumer at the center of any media decision,” she said.

She ticked off questions to ask, for example

· Was your target audience selected using data vs. opinion?

· Will your target audience be reached by your media effort?

· Are you providing value or solving a problem for them?

· What action do you want them to take after receiving your message?

“There is no media type or execution that solves all of your marketing and advertising challenges,” she said. “Consumers don’t use one type of media and you shouldn’t either.”

She also said companies should seek agencies and vendor partners who are transparent with data and billing.

“If you are spending on media, you should own and have ready access to the resulting data and always know where your money has been spent – to the penny,” she said.

Tracy Arrington recently appeared as a guest on the AFSA Today podcast.

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