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AFSA Publishes 2019 Legislative Preview and 2018 Review White Paper

AFSA Publishes 2019 Legislative Preview and 2018 Review White Paper

Today, AFSA’s State Government Affairs department published its 2019 State Legislative Preview and 2018 Review white paper. Published monthly, AFSA’s state white papers typically provide a snapshot in time covering a single issue area; however, the 2019 preview/2018 review provides a broad look across AFSA members’ priority issues, including information on debt collection, fintech regulation, mortgage lending and servicing, payment cards and systems, state rate cap activity, traditional installment loans, and vehicle finance. The paper will give AFSA members a good idea of what they can expect from the states throughout this year.

With all 50 state legislatures scheduled to meet in 2019, AFSA expects the states to have an active year. This white paper examines legislative trends across the past seven years, and looks at 2018’s legislative activity. The paper also includes information on legislation prefiled for the upcoming sessions. In the wake of recent major data breaches, privacy and fraud issues are likely to be a high priority for many states this year-particularly in California, where state legislators may look at changes to last year’s far-reaching Consumer Privacy Act.

In addition to information on the priority issue areas, the white paper also covers state attorney general enforcement activity in 2018 and the ongoing evolution of fintech regulation.

Members can find previous white papers on AFSA’s website under the State Resources section.

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