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American Financial Services Association

Heather Slyman

Heather Slyman

Women's Leadership Council

Heather Slyman

Director of Strategic Alliances
LexisNexis Risk Solutions

I started my career as a Programmer/Developer at Boeing. I also involved myself in a lot of charitable organizations, and through that, I ended up on another path. I started my career in mortgage lending but ended up finding my way back into the IT world by combining the best of both and selling lending software. I now run Sales and Vendor Relationships for a Loan Origination and Servicing software company. I am also a National Team Leader for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

My Areas of Expertise: i.e. strategy, marketing, team building, executive management?
Strategy, Sales, Problem Solving, Management,

Areas of expertise upon which I would like to continue learning.
I'm always open to learning

What three keywords best describe you?
Strategic, Collaborative, Motivated

Personal Motto:
Always do better

What are you passionate about?
Helping others

What is something interesting about you that members might not know?
My first professional job was on the F/A18 Forward Fuselage project when i was 18 years old

Who has been a role model for you?
My grandma

What are you most proud of?
I'm proud of a lot of things. I am proud of my own successes but also making it through things in my personal and professional life that were extremely difficult.

a. What would you say are the key success factors for a mentoring relationship?
Being a good role model, caring, and patience

b. What advice would you give yourself as a young executive?
Work harder than others and continuously educate yourself; however, balance your life to still enjoy life.

c. What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started your career?
That I knew a lot less than I thought I did at the time.