American Financial Services Association

2022 Credit Summit for Fixed Income Investors

December 14 -


2022 Credit Summit for Fixed Income Investors

Dec 14 -


Connecting industry executives and key investors to highlight the power of the vehicle finance industry.

The AFSA Fixed Income Investor Summit returns virtually for 2022.

Join finance industry executives, debt issuers, and investors virtually on Wednesday, December 14 for a fast-paced, single-day conference featuring industry updates, 1:1 meetings, and networking opportunities. Speakers will discuss the latest economic conditions that directly affect fixed income investors. 

You can expect: 

  • An efficient one-day schedule of fast-flowing sessions and meetings;
  • Networking with finance-industry executives from a diverse range of financial services companies;
  • Small group and 1:1 discussions with issuing companies; and
  • Investors and qualified analysts can attend at NO COST.

2022 Fixed Income Investors Conference Issuers

Conference Schedule