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RSM to Discuss Key Installment Lending Study Findings in Webinar

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RSM to Discuss Key Installment Lending Study Findings in Webinar

Join us next Tuesday, September 26 at 2:00 pm ET for “AFSA Independents Annual Financial Performance Results,” presented by RSM US.Registration is open now.

During this webinar, RSM US LLP will present updated results of their annual financial performance survey. RSM will discuss current trends in the independent consumer finance industry and will share insights on key topics such as growth, funding, leverage, profitability, income and expenses. Packed full of actionable information, this presentation is a must-attend event for companies in the traditional installment lending space.

Please note that slides and a recording of this webinar will not be distributed following the presentation, so make sure you set aside time to join us next Tuesday!

Presenters: Bob Eash, Partner | Robbie Lee, Partner | Morris Marshburn, Partner

This webinar is part of the AFSA Business Partner Webinar series. The webinars are designed to provide information that will allow AFSA members to more effectively design, develop and implement strategies for their company's success. Past recordings and a list of other upcoming webinars can be found in the AFSA Webinar Resource Center. For more information, contact Dan Bucherer, Communications Manager, at

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