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AFSA Announces New Conference Focusing on Law and Compliance

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AFSA Announces New Conference Focusing on Law and Compliance

AFSA is pleased to announce its first-ever Law & Compliance Symposium, held at The Omni San Diego, January 29-31, 2018. More information and registration is available via the Symposium website.

Since the recession and passage of Dodd-Frank, federal and state financial regulators have emphasized the importance of consumer protection and stressed the necessity of strong compliance programs. In response, consumer finance companies have increased their compliance efforts and in so doing, have faced new challenges including conflicting regulations, statements, enforcement orders and guidance.

AFSA's inaugural Law & Compliance Symposium will help members meet those challenges head on by providing insights and guidance on critical federal and state compliance issues for the financial services industry. The symposium is geared toward companies of all sizes, from large, publicly-traded companies, to small, privately-owned businesses. The meeting will focus on compliance for: direct and indirect auto finance, traditional installment loans, payment cards, and mortgage loans.

The conference is for company representatives who have compliance responsibilities – whether they are in executive or legal, government, or compliance departments. In conjunction with the Law & Compliance Symposium, the following AFSA committees will meet: Law Committee, Operations and Regulatory Compliance Committee (ORCC) and the State Government Affairs Committee (SGA).


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