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Taking Action – AFSA’s 101st Annual Meeting

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Taking Action – AFSA’s 101st Annual Meeting

For the past 100 years, the American Financial Services Association (AFSA) has worked in Washington, DC and in state capitals around the nation to advocate for legislation and regulations protecting access to safe, responsible consumer credit. Last year, we celebrated our centennial and as an industry, reaffirmed our commitment to ensuring that the American consumer always has quality credit options in their financial toolbox.

Now, as we mark our 101st year, we are not only ensuring the protection of consumer credit, but working to actively expand access to credit options like traditional installment loans, vehicle finance mortgages and credit cards that are the lifeblood of the American economy. That is what our 101stAnnual Meeting is all about.

AFSA’s 101st Annual Meeting, this year in Washington, D.C. October 23-25, encourages our attendees to “Join the Action.” Our mission remains the same, but the political landscape has completely changed. For the first time in many years, both Congress and the Administration understand and see the important role that AFSA member companies play in communities across America. AFSA is working to harness that understanding and use it to help expand access to safe, affordable credit.

The Annual Meeting’s sessions, working groups and committee meetings are all are focused on taking action on this expansion. AFSA’s Law Committee will meet to discuss key issues that members face, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s arbitration rule and regulations of small dollar loans. AFSA’s Executive Committee, as well as the various boards, will meet to blaze a path forward in AFSA’s 101st year.

AFSA staff presentations will provide attendees with an idea of what the playing field looks like in the coming year. AFSA EVP Bill Himpler will provide a thorough overview of what AFSA is doing on member’s behalf in Washington. Danielle Fagre Arlowe, SVP, and her panel will take a look at the thorny issues presented by the disparate issues at the state level across the country and do a deep dive on the association’s strategy.

Presentations from two different members of Congress will give attendees solid insight into the political climate in Washington and a candid assessment of what can be achieved legislatively. We’ll also hear from a variety of subject matter experts, including Thomas Goldstein of SCOTUSblog on the Supreme Court, and Steve Moore of the Heritage Foundation on the economy.

Attendees will put all that knowledge to work on Wednesday afternoon when AFSA members bring their message and stories straight to their representatives on Capitol Hill. In recent visits to the Hill, AFSA members have shared heartstring-tugging stories about the great power that consumer credit products have to help people make their lives better. Attendees will again bring those stories to the halls of Congress, to advocate for their customers and members of their communities.

The AFSA Annual Meeting provides a timely opportunity to review the previous year and plan ahead for the next. As we celebrate our 101st year of taking action, we hope you can join us to pave the path forward and to continue the important work of protecting – and more importantly, expanding – access to credit.

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