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AFSA Webinars | Why Landing Pages Should Matter to Lenders

We can all agree that increased loan volume is a core goal of marketing in the consumer finance industry. With more and more lenders moving towards online applications and lending, the importance of the landing page can’t be understated. To give a little bit more context, think of the landing page as “standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single, focused objective.” That objective is generating new leads and customers. But how can lenders make a landing page as effective as possible?

  1. Make sure your page is mobile ready. In the consumer finance industry, we see the majority of organic and paid search website traffic come from mobile devices. Having a page that is mobile responsive or designed for mobile is the first step in increasing conversions and reducing barriers to entry for new loans.
  2. Use different landing pages for different channels. Paid search, display advertising, and organic search visitors should be treated differently. Social versus email visitors often look and act differently. This is all to say there is no “one size fits all” approach to landing pages, and that’s a good thing! Each channel has different opportunities for personalization and follow up opportunities. Harnessing these opportunities leads to increased revenue.
  3. Keep the customer at the center of your marketing. When talking to your customers, your institution is not the hero of the story. Your customer is the hero. How you help them be the hero is how you acquire their business. Be customer focused not brand focused. Landing pages show them how they can be the hero.

These are just a few tips. Please join AFSA and SourceLink on August 30 for a live webinar to expand on these tips and many more in “Five can’t fail landing page strategies for lenders.” You can register for free here.

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