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AFSA Supports FCC Efforts to Eliminate Fraudulent Robocalls

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AFSA Supports FCC Efforts to Eliminate Fraudulent Robocalls

On Aug. 14, AFSA sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) supporting its efforts to better protect American consumers from unwanted and oftentimes fraudulent robocalls. In July, the FCC issued a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) seeking comment on implementing authentication standards for telephone calls. In particular, the FCC has been seeking comment on the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions/SIP Forum proposals. These and other organizations have worked to develop protocols and a multi-phase framework designed to validate calls and mitigate spoofing and fraudulent robocalling.

The letter stated, “AFSA supports the FCC’s hard work exploring how it can further secure telephone networks against fraudulent calls by facilitating the use of methods to authenticate telephone calls and so deter illegal robocallers. AFSA agrees with the FCC that authenticating calls can help Americans to know that callers are who they say they are, which will reduce the risk of fraud.”

Many of the specific requests for comment were highly technical, so AFSA’s response focused on one issue. Specifically, AFSA wrote, “Many financial services providers have complicated telephone systems where hundreds of agents are on the telephone, talking with customers. Financial services institutions need to be able to provide customers with an effective phone number on the call ID. In other words, the number on the call ID needs to be a number that the customer can call and reach an appropriate person or department at the financial institution that is making the call.”

AFSA believes the NOI already anticipates callers with multiple number and is mainly focused on the specifics for authentication. Nonetheless, AFSA thinks this is an important issue and wanted to emphasize its importance.

August 14th, 2017 by