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AFSA Supports FCRA Liability Harmonization Act

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AFSA Supports FCRA Liability Harmonization Act

Today, Rep. Barry Loudermilk introduced H.R. 2359, the FCRA Liability Harmonization Act. The bill is designed to more closely align the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) with existing federal consumer protection laws.

“As a small business owner for over twenty years, I was fortunate enough to never face a lawsuit. However, some of my customers and suppliers were often tangled in litigation from frivolous claims that cost them a significant amount of time and money. I have seen how a small technical error, turned into a lawsuit, can affect everyone in a business, including employees, customers, and vendors,” said Loudermilk in a press release. “Unfortunately, suits under the Fair Credit Reporting Act have skyrocketed in recent years while leaving consumers inappropriately compensated.”

AFSA applauds Rep. Loudermilk, as well as cosponsors Reps. Ed Royce, Ted Budd, Peter King, and Ann Wagner, for their work on this important issue.

May 8th, 2017 by