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AFSA Publishes Expedited Foreclosure White Paper

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AFSA Publishes Expedited Foreclosure White Paper

On January 31, AFSA’s State Government Affairs (SGA) department published its February Expedited Foreclosures white paper. Vacant and abandoned properties present a challenge for both industry and state and local governments. As a result, many states have begun to consider laws that would expedite the foreclosure process and alleviate some of the challenges associated with abandoned properties.

AFSA’s white paper examines expedited foreclosure laws that have been proposed and enacted at the state level and looks at recommendations from the Mortgage Bankers Association and National Consumer Law Center on what each organization believes an expedited foreclosure law should accomplish.

The white paper also includes an overview of tracking resources for municipal vacant property registration ordinances. Currently, AFSA tracks more than 800 enacted municipal ordinances.

AFSA’s SGA team publishes white papers monthly, and members can find previous white papers and AFSA’s municipal ordinance tracking on AFSA’s website under the SGA Resources section.

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