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Transition Tracker | Carson to Accept HUD Secretary Role; AFSA Member Named to Transition Team

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Transition Tracker | Carson to Accept HUD Secretary Role; AFSA Member Named to Transition Team


Former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson will formally accept the role of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), according to a HousingWire report yesterday. Speculation about the appointment had been swirling for some time, but Carson put that matter to rest when he announced to sources that he would accept the job.

Separately, AFSA member Shawn Krause, Executive Vice President of Quicken Loans, has been named to the HUD landing team, which will help smooth the transition between the Obama and Trump administrations. Krause is responsible for Quicken Loans’ government advocacy programs and is a member of the AFSA Board of Directors.


While AFSA vigorously supports the Fair Housing Act and strongly opposes all forms of discrimination, especially in any aspect of lending, AFSA has serious concerns with a disparate impact rule promulgated by HUD in February of 2013. AFSA believes that HUD adopted an incorrect and improper standard for disparate impact liability under the Fair Housing Act, a standard that is inconsistent with the June 2015 Supreme Court decision in Texas Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project.


In the past, AFSA has participated in amicus briefs in cases challenging the disparate impact rule. AFSA is joining with other trade associations to work with Carson and his to team to modify the rule so it complies with the Inclusive Communities decision. More broadly, the association will work to continue to ensure that AFSA's member interests are well-represented at HUD.

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