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AFSA Represents Traditional Installment Lending Industry Nationally on Airwaves

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AFSA Represents Traditional Installment Lending Industry Nationally on Airwaves

On Tuesday, AFSA Senior Vice President Danielle Fagre Arlowe spoke with several different radio networks to promote the positive effect that traditional installment loans have on the lives of Americans nationwide. Many of the interviews were live-to-tape and will be used over the next several days in Colorado, South Dakota, as well as nationally to over 11 million listeners on a variety of networks.

Broadly, Fagre Arlowe addressed the benefits that traditional installment loans have versus other small-dollar loan products. She covered:

  • Traditional Installment Loans are the oldest form of credit and “plain vanilla;”
  • They are fully amortized and are paid in equal monthly installments;
  • There are never balloon payments or pre-payment penalties; and
  • They help build credit; traditional installment lenders report to credit bureaus, allowing borrowers to establish creditworthiness or to rehabilitate damaged credit.

In Colorado, Fagre Arlowe pointed out the highly unusual lending laws and regulations that allow a form of payday lending but effectively prohibit public access to the safe and affordable installment loans that have been a reliable source of credit for generations.

In South Dakota, she pointed out the dangers to South Dakotans that Initiative Measure 21 poses. If it passes, it would effectively eliminate small dollar loans within the state by treating beneficial and affordable loans that have been around for generations as no different from predatory loan products.

AFSA’s media partner, News Generation, produced a “super cut” of the interviews, which highlights some of the points made by Fagre Arlowe in her interviews – listen to the audio of the best-of track here. AFSA will share any additional interviews with members as they become available.

AFSA plans to continue using regional and national radio outlets to reach consumers to tell the positive story of traditional installment lending.

February 3rd, 2016 by